Speaking & facilitation to build confident & creative teams

Amanda speaks with energy and passion, sharing stories drawn from her experience working with entrepreneurs, performers as well as high performance athletes in major sporting events to paint a unique picture of engaged leadership. Amanda easily weaves interactive components into her speaking engagements to cement the learnings and set a fun tone to each session. 

Amanda weaves creative practices and experience working with our most passionate people into her speaking engagements to pull back the curtain on leadership styles and motivations.

Coaching. Training. Facilitation.

With a knack for bringing people together and starting conversations,  Amanda encourages her audiences to foster a team culture in which our most passionate and inspired people can grow. Able to easily adapt to any audience, Amanda facilitates a variety of educational workshops and operational update sessions for businesses, government and not for profit organisations. 

Amanda is a charismatic presenter who spoke with purpose and a positive tone about leadership. Her session was both informative and interactive and ensured the audience were kept engaged with thought provoking activities and questions. I would highly recommend Amanda for your next leadership event. 

Kate McLauchlan, Life Saving Victoria