The term "chookas" is uniquely Australian and is used in theatre to wish the cast and crew good luck prior to a performance. Amanda weaves creative practices and experience working with our most passionate people into her speaking engagement to pull back the curtain on leadership styles and motivations.. Learn what makes our most talented tick and how to keep them engaged in your organisation. Understand how you can foster a passionate and innovative culture to drive performance.

Interactive, Inspiring & Fun

Amanda speaks with energy and passion, sharing stories drawn from her experience working with entrepreneurs, performers as well as high performance athletes in major sporting events to paint a unique picture of engaged leadership. Amanda easily weaves interactive components into her speaking engagements to cement the learnings and set a fun tone to each session. With a knack for bringing people together and starting conversations,  Amanda encourages her audiences to foster a team culture in which our most passionate and inspired people can grow.

Speaker Topics

  • Keeping passionate people engaged in your organisation for the long haul

  • Hiring and keeping the best. How can you recruit, keep & foster passionate leaders?

  • Teaching confidence to improve performance

  • Creating a passionate team culture to future proof your organisation

  • Fostering a pathway for female leadership

  • Creativity; the essential ingredient to leadership

  • Building an innovative culture in an organisation

  • Promoting confidence and communication in new leaders

  • Empathy in leadership and why we need it in today's culture

  • Increasing connection, innovation and productivity through play

  • Establishing a caring culture in teams to drive results

  • Staying focused. Lessons from the world of high performance

  • Avoiding burn out in a fast paced environment

  • The art of juggling in leadership

  • Managing stress in your workplace