Recognising the moments that matter in our careers

Updated: Mar 5

There are small moments that happen in our lives that can create a tidal wave of impact. Learn to recognise the moments that matter in your life and build on the impact and momentum to grow your career, business or wealth.

Moments that matter in our careers

I don't remember being on stage for the very first presentation that I had to give in a corporate setting however I recall the moments that led up to it like it was yesterday. At age 22, a small seemingly inconsequential moment took place that I believe changed the trajectory of my career.

I worked in a large and dynamic event venue with hundreds of staff. The task that had been set was to deliver a presentation on the new environmental and sustainability plans that would impact the business over the coming weeks. I knew the subject matter well and so was left to my own devices to craft a presentation. Easy right? Easy except for the fact that I had never had to stand up in front of a group of peers and present before. One morning as I walked through our back of house area, a senior member of staff called me into his office and asked me to sit down. I had nothing to do with this manager on a day to day basis. I knew him by name only. He asked how the planning for my presentation was coming along. Over the next 20 minutes this incredible human talked me through how to build a presentation so that it would deliver the core message in an organised and meaningful way for my audience. It sounds like a simple skill, however like any new skill unless someone takes the time to walk you through it you remain ignorant of the best way to approach it. Since that time I have had to deliver hundreds of presentations and each of those has allowed me to be visible, to stand out and to be noticed for my impact. It all started with a small moment that mattered.

How to recognise your own moments that matter

Moments that matter are small experiences we have in our day to day lives that can create a big impact on our careers. They are small touch points that nurture us, elevate us, enable a meaningful connection or provide a new insight to a challenge or project. These are all positive experiences. Moments that matter however can also be felt from a negative experience. When this happens a small moment can be felt in a way that provides us with proof that our values are being tested or evidence that the role or the organisation is not the right fit for you. Perhaps it no longer aligns with your purpose. Examples of negative moments that matter can be as simple as not feeling listened to in an organisation or not supported through a challenge that requires team effort to solve. As employees our expectations for our organisations to deliver more of the positive moments that matter has grown significantly over the years. Research demonstrates that employees start to look for moments that matter from the recruitment phase of a role and that we expect those moments to continue throughout our employment. The graph below was produced by Deloitte for a review on 'The employee experience: culture, engagement and beyond'.

How can we make the most of the moments that matter

One of the first steps in being equipped to make the most of the moments that matter is to understand your professional purpose and your values. When you think about purpose think about what brings meaning to your work. Why do you do what you do? Where do you provide the greatest value? Knowing your purpose enables you to seek out moments that allow you to do more of the work you love either by seeking guidance or asking for more opportunity. It also gives you the skill to quickly recognise a moment that matters and to capitalise on that experience. If I had understood my purpose at 22 years old I would have firstly been able to recognise the importance of the new skill I had been so kindly taught and secondly been confident to ask for more speaking opportunities. Why? Because I know now that they bring meaning to my work and that the act of presenting fuels my passion for learning more and for connecting with like minded humans.

Your values are your core beliefs and ideas that make you unique. It is incredibly rare for two people to share the same values. Your own values travel with you through every job and occupation you have. When a role is not satisfying you one cause can be that your values and the organisations values are no longer in alignment. When we experience a negative moment that matters usually it is because your core values are being tested.

To do more of the work we love, to seek out the people we know inspire us to reach our potential and to make the most of the moments that matter we need to be clear on our purpose and our values. Coaching is a good place to start here.

There is value in creating your own moments that matter

As you learn to recognise the moments that matter in your own life don't forget to sprinkle some moments that matter on others, particularly if you are in a leadership position. Take the time to connect with those around you, to teach and to inspire those who look up to you. These small moments lift us up and can improve our team culture and productivity.

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