New Business Milestone Kit

Stay passionate and confident in your new business.

The New Business Milestone Kit is a must have accompaniment for any new business owner.

Many an entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business is exciting but challenging. It requires you to take risks, to often work alone and to be more creative and driven than ever before. You know that deep down the hard work and the hustle will be absolutely worth it but on the days when your motivation is less than ideal or your confidence shaken grab this little kit of joy to pick you back up.

The New Business Milestone Kit is designed to help celebrate your business milestones, to watch over you with pride as you launch your website, reach your first 500 instagram likes and to whoop with joy alongside you as you make that first sale.

This little green and rose gold kit is a constant reminder that being an entrepreneur is a journey that should be celebrated and shared.

The New Business Milestone Kit is a compact pack of motivation and confidence. Keep it close to you and keep striving for greatness. You've got this!