Lead Like A Girl is a unique and holistic program designed by Amanda Jacobs for women who are ready to take their leadership & communication skills to the next level. 



Lead Like A Girl is a creative and interactive program designed to empower you to lead and communicate with confidence. Lead Like A Girl takes learnings from the most successful leaders across multiple industries and delivers a program rich in content. You will take a deep dive into developing your self awareness and removing self limiting beliefs, harness professional communication and leadership skills, meet an impressive network of other female leaders while also nurturing your body and spirit through the programs physical activity and mindfulness elements. This is no ordinary classroom. 

Who is Lead Like A Girl Designed For?

  • Mid to senior female leaders

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Those looking to transform or level up their leadership skills in a holistic and sustainable way

Why this no ordinary classroom

Leading well involves the right balance of creativity, analytical thinking, empathetic leadership skills and the ability to communicate with impact. The very best leaders have a solid understanding that an impressive and active mind depends on mindfulness and physical activity. Lead Like A Girl knits all of these elements together seamlessly and is delivered by practitioners experienced in executive leadership coaching, creative and vocal performance, high performance sport and mindfulness practices. Participants learn through activities held inside and outside the classroom. Mild and fun physical activity is integrated to ignite your innovation and in turn, expand your leadership capabilities.


"This program empowers women to reach their potential. It explores and practices the skills and techniques to grow into a confident leader."

"An incredible workshop"


Program objectives

​As a result of this program you will:

  • Gain techniques to communicate with impact and authority

  • Ignite your innovation and creativity to stand out as a leader

  • Understand the physiology behind nerves and how to overcome lack of confidence and self doubt

  • How to create a positive and lasting first impression

  • Craft your message to suit your audience

  • Build your own personal story and elevator pitch to engage those in your network

  • Preparation for a pitch, interview and speaking opportunity

  • Clearly define your values, strengths and purpose as the foundation to inner confidence

  • Know how those we lead or engage with prefer to receive communication and why that matters

  • Gain a new perspective on how to successfully negotiate workplace challenges

  • Develop a holistic and well rounded leadership style

  • Lead a positive and strong workplace culture

"This program empowers women to reach their potential. It explores and practices the skills and techniques to grow into a confident leader."

"This workshop was so insightful and encouraging ... It provided the tools we need to be the best leaders we can be."

Program inclusions

  • Communication style analysis

  • Strategies to communicate your purpose, values and strengths

  • Physical performance and voice coaching 

  • A network of innovative female leaders

  • Healthy leadership strategies

  • Sailing activity (weather dependent) "Sailing through leadership"

  • Follow up 1:1 mentoring session with a leadership coach

Program dates

  • Mornington Peninsula - 17 March 2020

"This workshop was incredibly valuable in enhancing my confidence and teaching me practical skills that can be applied to all areas of my life."