Women in Sport Leadership Masterclass

Diversify the leadership within your sport organisation and empower your female participants, officials and staff.

Lead Like A Girl

Lead Like A Girl is a creative and interactive program designed to empower you to lead and communicate with confidence.


You will take a deep dive into developing your self awareness and removing self limiting beliefs, harness professional communication and leadership skills and meet an impressive network of other female leaders. 

Who is Lead Like A Girl Designed For?

  • Aspiring female leaders working

  • Middle management leaders wanting to step up

  • Those looking to transform or level up their leadership skills in a holistic and sustainable way

  • Gain techniques to communicate with impact and authority

  • Discover how to become more visible in your workplace or club environment

  • Ignite your innovation and creativity to stand out as a leader

  • Understand the physiology behind nerves and how to overcome lack of confidence and self doubt

  • How to create a positive and lasting first impression

  • Preparation for a pitch, interview and speaking opportunity

  • Clearly define your values, strengths and purpose as the foundation to inner confidence

  • Foster foundations for future career growth

Program outcomes

"This program empowers women to reach their potential. It explores and practices the skills and techniques to grow into a confident leader."

"An incredible workshop"