Career & Business Confidence Masterclass

Lead, pitch, interview & effectively communicate your ideas with confidence.

"This workshop was incredibly valuable in enhancing my confidence and teaching me practical skills that can be applied to all areas of my life."

What is holding you back?


  • You have all the ingredients for success but haven't been able to make your thing happen or to nail the interview for the next step up

  • You've started a business but feel like you're treading water with the odd sale here and there

  • The boss has asked you to make a presentation or to speak at the next staff meeting but you'd like to run a mile

  • There is a fire in your belly but you're stuck in your safe place, scared to make the transition

  • At a networking function you can't find the right words to tell people what you do

  • You'd like to pitch a new idea, a new product, a great service offering but its easier to stay quiet

Confidence is a tricky little beast.

Did you know it is a skill? Something that can be taught? Yep. I think it should be taught from about age 6 so that we have a life time to practice it, to rehearse and to refine it. Imagine being taught at school how to use your body language and your voice to have the greatest impact. Just think about where you would be today if you were taught how to craft a pitch and then given the space place to deliver it. What role would you have now if someone had taken you aside and taught you how to nail an interview process?

Confidence can be learnt at any age.

Well thank you universe for that little fact! The Career & Business Confidence Masterclass is delivered in an online and face to face format. It is designed to give you the techniques and skills to tap into your confidence and to be able to communicate your ideas in an effective, straight into the ball park, way. 

This is your year to get what you want. I can't wait to help you chase it down!

"This program empowers women to reach their potential. It explores and practices the skills and techniques to grow into a confident leader."

"This workshop was so insightful and encouraging ... It provided the tools we need to be the best leaders we can be"

"An incredible workshop."

Who is the Career & Business Confidence Masterclass for?

  • Business owners wanting to have more of an impact

  • You're considering starting a business

  • Embarking on a career change

  • Wanting to step up into a leadership position

  • Managing a new team

  • Preparing for an interview

  • Between jobs and wanting to make the right choice for your next step

  • Students wanting to start their career on a confident note

  • Fearful of public speaking

  • Preparing to pitch to clients, stakeholders or potential stockists

  • Wanting to increase your personal visibility

  • Wanting greater confidence in front of the camera

What you will learn?

  • Understanding the physiology behind nerves and our own lack of confidence and how to overcome it

  • Techniques to communicate with impact and authority

  • How to create a positive and lasting first impression

  • Crafting your message to suit your audience, ensuring they stay interested

  • Building your own personal story and elevator pitch to engage those in your network

  • Preparation for a pitch, interview and speaking opportunity

  • Defining your values, strengths and purpose as the foundation to inner confidence

  • Understanding how those we lead or engage with prefer to receive communication and why that matters

  • What to do when we feel our confidence failing us or the imposter syndrome settling in

  • Creating your personal brand and professional image

  • The confidence to share your ideas with others

"One important key to success is self confidence.

An important key to self confidence is preparation."

Arthur Ashe

The Career and Business Confidence Masterclass is preparation for your success and a step towards achieving great things in your life.