Coaching Confidence, Leadership & Communication Skills

Amanda works with sport, event and entertainment businesses to strengthen their team and to foster the potential of their employees. 

Amanda provides the following leadership coaching services

  • Coaching for individuals (1:1)

  • Group coaching for teams

  • Leadership & communication skills workshops

  • Resolving conflict resolution in teams

  • Strategic planning sessions for business

  • Confidence programs for employees

  • Determining and embracing team values

  • Wellness sessions: Striving for healthy leadership


Professional development is an investment in your team culture and a clear signal to your team that their potential is recognised. 

For Teams

For Teams

Achieve great things, communicate with authority & elevate your career.

Doing the work you love takes effort and the right support team behind you. A good mentor and professional coach will help you navigate your career journey, support your growth and leverage your strengths so that you can move forward with purpose and clarity.

Amanda works with women who are;

  • stepping up in their career

  • at a career cross road

  • thinking about starting a business

  • ready to take the next step in their organisation

  • keen to play a bigger leadership game

  • feeling stuck

  • wanting to improve their confidence

  • needing to improve their visibility

  • balancing children with a yearning to re-enter the workforce


Career coaching is a powerful vehicle to unlock your curiosity, passion and potential. 

"Amanda's mentoring has been invaluable for my event's career. She has inspired me, challenged me and motivated me to be the best event manager I can. With her guidance I've been able to begin a very successful events career." 


For Individuals


Just need one hour of power to have an in-depth chat to explore your career options, find better balance, know where to start, go from stuck to unstuck. Grab an hour with me and let's get started.

Investment: $195 + GST



You're ready to start a new career, return to the workforce, launch a new business, take the next step on the ladder - great!  This three session coaching plan will help develop your career strategy and action plan while teaching confidence boosting techniques to sell your skills and strengths.

Investment: $750 + GST


Professional interview training with a performance coach. In an interview we have just a few seconds to make a positive impression. Make that time count by using physical and vocal performance techniques to feel confident and create a lasting impact on your interview panel.

Investment: $300 + GST


Expert training in corporate communications that will have you preparing & delivering presentations with impact. Vocal and physical performance training to enhance the impact you have in the boardroom, office or networking environment. This one day workshop will enable you to demonstrate your authority and elevate your career.

Investment: $950 + GST

(Group pricing available)