Amanda is a natural at motivating people and teams to achieve their best by fostering a high performance mindset and culture. 

For Individuals

Coaching is a powerful vehicle to unlock your curiosity,

passion and potential. 

Amanda works with professionals who are;

  • stepping up in their career

  • at a career cross road

  • thinking about starting a business

  • ready to take the next step in their organisation

  • keen to play a bigger leadership game

  • feeling stuck

  • wanting to improve their confidence

  • needing to improve their visibility

  • balancing children with a yearning to re-enter the workforce

Amanda offer's two coaching programs that include 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions held over a 3 month period and are tailored to meet your needs and goals.

  • Confident Leader Coaching Package

  • Career Clarity Coaching Package

Coaching can be conducted face to face (Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula) or via video link using Zoom.

For Individuals

For Teams 

Amanda works with sport, event and entertainment businesses to strengthen their team and to foster the potential of their employees. 

Amanda provides the following leadership coaching services;

  • Coaching for individuals (1:1)

  • Group coaching for teams

  • Leadership & communication skills workshops

  • Resolving conflict resolution in teams

  • Strategic planning sessions for business

  • Confidence programs for employees

  • Determining and embracing team values

  • Wellness sessions: Striving for healthy leadership


Professional development is an investment in your team culture and a clear signal to your team that their potential is recognised. 

Achieve great things, communicate with authority &

elevate your career.

Individal & Team Coaching